Remote Queue Manager

Remote Queue Manager is a network printout solution, which can effectively manage printout workloads. It ensures timely detection of printer errors and overloads and helps redirect print jobs elsewhere. Our print queue manager provides the user with a visual management tool to control print workload across networks. Centralized real-time monitoring and workload management are available from anywhere in a network. No less important is a handy in-depth configuration, which enables you to deploy Remote Queue Manager equally rapidly on a print server and a client desktop. After establishing a connection to a printer, the printer manager will be receiving detailed real-time updates on the printer's status and queued jobs.

Main Features:
Printer Folders to organize printers and plotters
Remote control for any network printer
Opening the web page for TCP/IP printers
Job copying and redirection across a network
Preview of a print job with page selection and zoom support
Print job export into EMF, WMF, BMP, and JPG images
Duplicate printer (unique feature!)
Rename TCP/IP printer port
Duplicate TCP/IP printer port
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export to pdf

see sum of total active jobs managing print spoler service whitn app example starting it
Mohamad Ali, 03.02.2020, 18:48
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Select the programs for opening XPS and POSTSCRIPT

This is will be very useful to have the ability to customize programs for XPS and POSTSCRIPT print jobs
Alex, 27.01.2020, 20:32
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View latest printed files

Hi, I think this is a very important improvement. Is it possible to add any window, under the main printer queue window for viewing the latest printed file?
Alex, 27.01.2020, 20:35
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